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About Us

My Favourite Socks is the premier supplier of quality personalised socks and inspiring clothing selling throughout the UK and internationally.
We offer beautiful, meaningful and comfortable hosiery for the individual, companies and other organisations. All socks are Made in Britain, from our London workshop.

How you create personalised socks

My Favourite Socks can embroider your choice of images and writing directly onto good quality socks, to create a highly polished look that won't be forgotten.
Previous customers have personalised their socks with designs including initials, nick-names, messages and/or images of endearment, country flags and company logos. See here for more examples..
You can place an order online, using our state-of-the-art ordering system to design a sock exactly how you want it.

What you can do with them

Personalised socks are great gifts, means to upgrades ones' wardrobe and an excellent corporate gift. Embroidery is so durable, that its' legacy will surpass that of its' sock host!

Personalised socks make great gifts, a way to upgrade your wardrobe and an excellent corporate thank you or incentive. Embroidered socks from My Favourite Socks are so durable their legacy will surpass that of the sock itself!

Who we are

Since 2008, My Favourite Socks has developed a reputation for creating and delivering premium quality personalised socks.
We have served several thousand individuals and several high profile organisations, including Mersey Rail, The Masons, Her Majesty's Armed Forces and Underworld music group. We are proud that so many of our customers are returning with new ideas for more personalised socks! See here for more..

Where we are going

Going forward, we will be offering yet more fantastic products, including woven socks and Fashion Polo shirts that can be personalised with our expert embroidery. You are what you wear, and with us you will wear the best. Join us and be inspired!

We would love you to accompany us on our journey. Furthermore if you have any questions, suggestions or comments please do get in touch at mail (at)

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All the best

The My Favourite Socks team

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